Customs clearance and compliance services at a glance

Increasingly inflexible trade barriers and customs compliance requirements make modern-day supply chain management increasingly complex.

Fortunately, AFPROLOGS’s expert team has the people, IT systems and authorizations to clear your shipments on schedule, wherever in the world you need us, and regardless of volume, scope or scale.

Bespoke solutions

A wide range of solutions including temporary Storage, transit and Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) authorisations.


Import, export and transit declarations, using a range of standard and special procedure.

Local contact

A global network with local teams offering knowledgeable expertise and point of contact.

Lead times

Shortened lead times, reduced freight costs delivering business benefits.

Technology enabled

Technology with cloud-based software, providing real time customs data links between suppliers and consignees.

Fully transparent

Technology-led reports, collated by our market-leading cloud-based software, providing full supply chain transparency.